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  19:00 20:00 Supper      
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Monday 30/09 9:00 12:00 registration      
          Focused session  
Mo 1 10:30 10:35 5   Vladimir Pudalov (LPI, Moscow) Opening. Welcome
  10:35 10:45 10   Vladimir Pudalov (LPI, Moscow) Overview: Experimental activity at LPI
  10:45 10:55 10   Alexander Vasiliev (MSU, Moscow) Overview: Experimental activity at MSU
  10:55 11:25 30   Alexander Boris (MPI, Stuttgart) Superconductivity-induced change in absorption of Fe-based superconductors over a wide spectral range: causes and implications
  11:30 12:00 Coffee-break      
Mo 2         Electronic band structure  
  12:00 12:25 25   Alexander Kordyuk (IMP, Kiev) Complex electronic structure of iron-based superconductors as a key to high temperature superconductivity
  12:25 12:55 30   Daniil Evtushinsky (IFW Dresden) ARPES on iron-based superconductors
  12:55 13:25 30   Igor Nekrasov   (Inst. Electrophys., Ekaterinburg) Electronic structure of K1-xFe2-ySe2: LDA'+DMFT results
  13:25 13:55 30   Gennadiy Grechnev (ILT, Kharkov) Electronic structure and magnetic properties of FeSe(Te)-based superconductors
  14:00 15:00 Lunch      
Mo 3         Thermodynamics  
  15:00 15:30 30   Stefan-Ludwig Drechsler (IFW Dresden) On the mass enhancement in Fe pnictides
  15:30 16:00 30   Christoph Meingast (KIT, Karlsruhe) Thermodynamic properties of Fe-based superconductors
  16:00 16:30 Coffee-break      
Mo 4         Pairing, spins and orbitals  
  16:30 17:00 30   Ilya Eremin (Ruhr Univ Bochum) Interplay or spin and orbital degrees of freedom in iron-based superconductors
  17:00 17:30 30   Maxim Korshunov (Inst. Phys., Krasnoyarsk) Some devils in the details of pairing in Fe-based superconductors
  17:30 18:00 30   Maria Daghofer (IFW Dresden) Interplay of spins and orbitals in iron-based superconductors
  18:00 18:30 30   Giacomo Prando (IFW Dresden) Electronic phase diagrams of 1111 oxy-pnictides investigated by means of muon spin spectroscopy
  18:30 19:00 30   Vadim Grinenko (IFW Dresden) Evidence for d-wave superconductivity in (K,Na)Fe2As2
  19:00 21:00 Poster session      
  20:00 22:00     Supper. Welcome Party  
Tuesday 01/10         Synthesis & Crystal growth  
Tu 1 9:00 9:30 30   Saicharan Aswartham (IFW Dresden) Crystal growth and physical properties of Fe-based superconductors
  9:30 9:50 20   Kirill Pervakov (LPI, Moscow) Chemistry of superconducting pnictides
  9:50 10:15 25   Igor Morozov (MSU, Moscow) New members of Fe-based superconducting family AxFe2-ySe2: synthesis, microstructure and properties
  10:15 10:40 25   Dmitry Chareev   (MSU, Moscow) Single crystal growth of tetragonal FeSe superconductors
  10:40 11:05 25   Cornelius Krellner (MPl Chem Phys Solids, Dresden) The crystal growth challenge of 1111 pnictides
  11:05 11:30 25   Silvia Haindl (IFW Dresden) Fe-based Superconductors Thin Films Case Studies: From Fundamental Properties to Functional Devices
  11:30 12:00 Coffee-break      
Tu 2         Josephson junstions. Magnetism in pnictides  
  12:00 12:25 25   Sebastian Doering (Univ Jena) Josephson effects in iron-based superconductors
  12:25 12:50 25   Sebastian Doering (Univ Jena) Thin film Josephson junction for the characterization of iron-based superconductors
  12:50 13:10 20   Dmytro Inosov (MPI Stuttgart) Peculiar magnetism of iron pnictides aside from superconductivity
  13:10 13:30 20   Yurii Tszyan (ILTPE, Kharkov) The study of the itinerant electron magnetism of Fe-based superconductors with the proximity effect
  13:30 13:45 15   Yuriy Yerin (ILTPE, Kharkov) Coherent current states in multiband superconductors
  13:45 14:00 15   Igor Devyatov (MSU, Moscow) Theory of a normal and Josephson current in structures with pnictides
  14:00 15:00 Lunch      
Tu 3         Transport  
  15:00 15:25 25   Vitaly Gasparov (ISSP, Chernogolovka) Electron transport and anisotropy of the upper critical magnetic field in K0.8Fe2Se2, Ba0.68K0.32Fe2As2, Eu0.5K0.5Fe2As2 and Ba(Fe0.92Co0.08)2As2 single crystals
  15:25 15:45 20   Yurii Eltsev (LPI, Moscow) Сritical currents  and vortex-glass behavior in Ba(Fe,Ni)2As2 single crystals.
  15:45 16:05 20   Mikhail Belogolovskii (Inst. Phys. & Eng., Donetsk) Transport characteristics of phase-separated Fe-based superconductor heterostructures
  16:05 16:30 Coffee-break      
Tu 4          Impurities.  Phase diagram. Miscellaneous  
  16:30 16:55 25   Dmitri Efremov (IFW Dresden) Multiband superconductors: nonmagnetic and magnetic impurities
  16:55 17:20 25   Oleg Dolgov (MPI, Stuttgart) Multiband superconductors: magnetic impurities and finite bandwidth effects
  17:20 17:45 25   Michael Lang (Goethe Univ Frankfurt) Hydrostatic-Pressure Tuning of Magnetic, Nonmagnetic and Superconducting States in Annealed Ca(Fe1-xCox)2As2
  17:45 18:10 25   Yurii Pogorelov (Univ of Porto & Inst. Met. Phys., Kiev)  Effects of in-gap impurity levels and impurity bands in superconducting ferropnictides
  18:10 18:35 25   Nickolay Cherpak (IRE, Kharkov) Microwave response, complex conductivity and effect of order parameter symmetry in Fe-based superconductors
  18:35 19:00 25   Round table discussion Hottest topics. Pairing in Fe-HTS
  19:00 20:00 Supper      
  20:00 21:00     Round table discussion Wish list of  experimentalists and theorists
Wednesday 02/10         Tunneling spectroscopy. Thin film studies. Josephson effect  
We 1 9:00 9:20 20   Yurii Naidyuk  (ILTPE, Kharkov) Point-contact spectroscopy of ferropnictides
  9:20 9:40 20   Tatiana Kuzmicheva (LPI, Moscow) Intrinsic multiple Andreev reflections effect (IMARE) spectroscopy in Gd- and Sm-1111 superconductors
  9:40 10:00 20   Svetoslav Kuzmichev  (MSU, Moscow) SNS-Andreev Spectroscopy of LiFeAs and RbFe2Se2 Superconductors
  10:00 10:25 25   Christian Hess (IFW Dresden) Unconventional superconductivity in LiFeAs as seen by STM/STS and transport experiments
  10:25 10:45 20   Alexander Gabovich (Inst. Phys., Kiev) Stationary Josephson current between d-wave superconductors with charge density waves: angular dependences and violations of the corresponding-states relationship
  10:45 10:50 5   Program Committee Closing remarks
  11:00 11:30 Coffee-break      
  12:00 - 12:30 Departure to Moscow by  private cars and public busses      
  12:30  - 13:10 Busses #1, #2, #3. Departure  to the train station      


1 Angelina Burmistrova (MSU, Moscow) Calculation of the electron transport in heterostructures, containing multiband Fe-based superconductors
2 Stanislav Bondarenko (ILTPE, Kharkov) Laser scanning microscopy of superconuctive parameters of iron-based chalcogenide FeTe films
3 Kirill Frolov (Inst. of Crystallography, Moscow) The study of structural, electronic and spin states of iron ions in the compounds of the family FeSeTe by Mossbauer spectroscopy
4 Sergey Gavrilkin (LPI, Moscow) Study of critical characteristics of Fe-based HTSC by nonlinear induction technique
5 Olga Ivanenko, Kirill Mitsen (LPI, Moscow) Mechanism of doping and phase diagram of Cu- and Fe- based HTSC
6 Eugene Khlybov (HPPI, Troitsk) Critical currents in Fe-As based superconductors with 122-type of structure
7 Sergei Kulbachinskii (MSU, Moscow) Two-gap superconductivity of doped mercury cuprates
8 Eugene Kushnirenko (IMP, Kiev) Comparison of ARPES spectrum asymmetry in superconducting ferropnictides and superconducting cuprates
9 Oksana Kvitnitskaya (ILT, Kharkov) Point-contact spectroscopic investigation of KFe2As2 in the normal state
10 Alexei Logosha (ILTPE, Kharkov) Pressure effect on electronic structure and superconductivity of FeSe(Te) and RNi2B2C compounds
11 Andrey Muratov (LPI, Moscow) Infrared spectroscopy of Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2
12 Nikita Pavlov (Inst. Electrophys., Ekaterinburg) Role of electron correlations in KxFe2-ySe2: LDA'+DMFT
13 Maria Roslova (MSU) Superconductivity and magnetism in NaFeAs and its derivatives doped by 3d- and 4d-elements
14 Vladimir Shaternik (IMP, Kiev) Charge transport in Josephson junctions on multiband superconductors
15 Artem Sboychakov (Inst. Theor.& Appl. Electrodyn.) Electronic phase separation in doped pnictides.
16 Constantin Tretiatchenko (IMP, Kiev) Subgrain structure of superconducting films: Role and mechanism of formation
17 Vladimir Vlasenko (LPI, Moscow) Effect of heat treatment on superconducting properties of FeSe wire fabricated by PIT method