Tentative Title of the Talk
1. Prof. Bernd Buechner Tba IFW Dresden
2. Dr. C. Hess Unconventional superconductivity in LiFeAs as seen by STM/STS and transport
IFW Dresden
3. Dr. S. Haindl Thin films of Fe As superconductors (TBC)
IFW Dresden
4. Dr. G. Prando Electronic phase diagrams of 1111 oxy-pnictides investigated by means of muon spin spectroscop IFW Dresden
5. Prof. D. Johrendt Chemistry of Fe based superconductors (TBC)
LMU München
6. Prof. D. Inosov Neutron studies of Fe based superconductors (TBC)
TU Dresden
7. Prof. J. Schmalian Theory of Fe based superconductors (TBC) KIT (Karlsruhe)
8. Prof. I. Eremin Theory of Fe based superconductors
RU Bochum
9. Dr. C. Meingast Thermodynamic properties of Fe based superconductors KIT (Karlsruhe)
10. Dr. J. Deisenhofer Superconductivity and magnetism of Fe selenides (TBC)
U Augsburg
11. Dr. R. Hackl Raman spectroscopy (TBC)
WMI München
12. Prof. P. Seidel Josephson effects (TBC)
U Jena
13. Dr. D. Evtushinsky ARPES (TBC)
IFW Dresden
14. Prof. Alexander Kordyuk Complex electronic structure of iron-based superconductors as a key to high temperature superconductivity Institute of Metal Physics, Kiev
15. Prof. Yurii Pogorelov In-gap quasiparticles and related observable phenomena in ferropnictide superconductors IMP Kiev & University of Porto
16. Prof. Alexander Gabovich Phase diagram of d-wave superconductors with CDWs and and stationary Josephson current between them (TBC)
Institute of Physics, Kiev
17. Dr. Tatyana Prikhna Pressure effect on high temperature superconductors (TBC)
Institute for Superhard Materials, Kiev
18. Prof. Gennady Grechnev Electronic structure and magnetic properties of LaFeAsO- and FeSe-based superconductors (TBC)
ILTPE, Kharkov
19. Prof. Yurii Naidyuk Microcontact spectroscopy of ferropnictides (TBC)
ILTPE, Kharkov
20. Dr. Yurii Chiang Study of the itinerant electron magnetism of Fe-based superconductors by the proximity effect (TBC)
ILTPE, Kharkov
21. Dr. Yurii Yerin Coherent current states in multiband superconductors (TBC)
ILTPE, Kharkov
22. Dr. Andrey Solovjov Fluctuation conductivity and pseudogap in SmFeAsO (0.85) in comparison with different theories (TBC)
ILTPE, Kharkov
23. Prof. Nikolay Cherpak From microwave   response   to   electron  system  properties  of  Fe-based superconductors Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics, Kharkov
24. Prof. Mikhail Belogolovskii Tunneling into two-band superconductors: the case of magnesium diboride and Fe-based superconductors Donetsk Institute for Physics and Engineering, Donetsk
25. Prof. Yurii Eltsev Vortex pinning, critical current and its magnetic field dependence for 122 compound LPI
26. Dr. Kirill Mitsen Tba LPI
27. Pervakov, Kirill Chemistry and syngle crystal growth of 122 LPI
28. Dr. Svetoslav Kuzmichev SNS-Andreev Spectroscopy of LiFeAs and RbFe2Se2 Superconductors MSU
29. Prof. Igor Morozov Synthesis of LiFeAs (TBC)
30. Dr. Dmitrii Chareev Synthesis of FeSe (TBC) MSU
31. Prof. Vitaly Gasparov Electron transport and anisotropy of the upper critical magnetic field in K0.8Fe2Se2, Ba0.68K0.32Fe2As2, Eu0.5K0.5Fe2As2 and Ba(Fe0.92Co0.08)2As2 single crystals ISSP, Chernogolovka
32. Dr. Maxim Korshunov Some devils in the details of pairing in Fe-based superconductors IPh, Krasnoyarsk
33. Prof. Vladimir Anisimov Tba IMPh, E-burg
34. Prof M.Sadovskii What electronic structure (if any) is favorable for high-Tc superconductivity IEPh, E-burg